Schedule of Services: Sunday Class 9:30 a.m., Assembly 10:30 a.m., 5 p.m.; Wednesday Class 7 p.m.

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Sun Garden History

History originally compiled by Eva Gahura, Jack Kuykendall, and Lloyd & Irene Tinsley.
Updated by Charles Osborne.

Some Christians were meeting on the southwest corner of Lewis & Bond streets. Some of those who preached to the congregation were Kermit Nichols, Floyd Keith, T.M.Craig, Denton Thompson, Bert Wilson, and Roy Gulley, Sr.

In 1965 or '66, property was purchased in the Sun Garden neighborhood at Gettysburg & Maple with the intention of building a new meeting place there (Lloyd & Irene Tinsley located the property).

The main building, consisting of the auditorium, foyer, etc., was completed in 1967. It was designed and supervised by Herman Kuykendall. Members did the work themselves. Jack & Glenn Kuykendall built the pulpit stand, communion table, and the large table in the library.

In 1981, a classroom building was built to the east of the auditorium by Jack Kuykendall with the help of other members.

Elders were installed on Nov. 4, 1973. Thurman Gibson, Ken Manes, Denton Thompson and Alvy Young were the men selected by the congregation. Present Elders are Jack Flad, Eric Cogdill and Randall Jarrell. Deacons who were serving in 1974 were Ron Byrd, Burton Dickey, Roy Gulley, Jr., Don Hopper, Doug Nichols and Noel Teague. Others who have served as Deacon in recent years include Ken Dickey, Brian Nelson, and Louie Nelson. Currently serving as Deacons are Carl Dye, John Farrell, and Charles Osborne.

Those who have served as evangelists/preachers at Sun Garden in the past include Denton Thompson, Maurice "Maury" Estes, Bart Campbell, Larry Houchen, and Jack Flad. Randall Jarrell is the evangelist at the present time.


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