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The Big Picture of the Bible

Many people wish they could know what the Bible is all about, but reading such a big book and trying to understand the primary message can seem to be a very difficult and time consuming task. But a method has been developed that will allow someone to understand God's message in less than 1 hour! If you are a Christian who is interested in learning how to confidently share this message with someone, then listen to the audio lessons below.

"The Greatest Need "

"Why the Big Picture Method is So Successful "

"Tips for Sharing the Big Picture Successfully "

"Overcoming the Fear of Rejection
& Restoring New Testament Courage "

"The Big Picture of the Bible "

"How to use "E-Teams" to Maintain Momentum"
(How to Create a Culture of Evangelism)


If you are interested in using the Big Picture of the Bible to share the gospel, you can click here to view the flip-chart in pdf format.




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