Schedule of Services: Sunday Class 9:30 a.m., Assembly 10:30 a.m., 5 p.m.; Wednesday Class 7 p.m.

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About Us...

We are a group of Christians who use the New Testament as the pattern and guide for all we do. Our goal as a church is to worship, exalt, and glorify Jesus Christ, not ourselves or any other person or thing. Therefore, our efforts are directed toward promoting commitment to Christ, not to any man or institution.

Our worship is simple, consisting of singing, praying, sharing in the communion, and teaching and preaching from God's word. The financial support of the congregation comes from the free-will offerings of our members. We do not solicit funds or any other gifts from those who are not members of this local church. These contributions are used for the spiritual growth of this church and for the support of preachers in other regions and countries who are preaching the gospel. The funds collected here are not used for social programs or the support of any human institution.

The bible teaches that the church is designed to do only the work God has given it to do: teach the gospel, edify members, and help needy Christians. All other "good works" are the responsibility of individual Christians.








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